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Mission Statement


St. Cornelius Catholic School instills the truths, principles, and values of the Roman Catholic faith. We are committed to educating the whole child by providing a rigorous faith-based curriculum in a safe environment. We motivate students to reach their highest academic and creative potential. St. Cornelius Catholic School faculty and staff teach students to become individuals of integrity with social awareness who promote peace, unity, and respect.


St. Cornelius Catholic School is dedicated to providing a well rounded education for each student in a faith-filled environment. We provide an affordable 21st century learning environment where students are given frequent opportunities to think critically, problem solve, and work collaboratively. Our goal is to nurture each student as a child of God, to present the Gospel message, and develop a Christian community, which encourages a spirit of service to others. We support families as the first educators of their children and recognize the importance of parents and teachers working together on school programs and events. We value and respect the cultural diversity of the school community and appreciate the unique potential of each child. We strive to send forth Catholic learners who are exemplary citizens focused on achieving their highest academic potential and who have a spiritual commitment to make productive contributions to the community.


St. Cornelius Catholic School has provided quality Catholic education to the Richmond community for fifty-six years. It was created in the late 1940’s by Catholic families who wanted a school for their children. On August 24, 1948, the school was opened and five Sisters of Notre Dame were commissioned as its first teachers. The school successfully operated under the Notre Dame Sisters until they were reassigned to Southern California in 1985. In that year, a school board was appointed and the first lay faculty was developed. In 1989 a full time pastor was assigned to the parish. Since then the school has been educating students under the guidance of the pastor, principal and lay faculty.